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June 27, 2010

Monte's Dream

Today was the annual OccuPaws volunteer picnic. It is an opportunity for all the current canines and puppy raisers to get together. We also see a few returning puppies and graduates.

One of our favorite puppies was in attendance. Neva was there with her "mom". It's so wonderful to see her all grown up after her difficult beginning. The only lingering effect of her near death experience is an occasional limp. We don't see her much since she lives in Illinois.

After lunch, each of the puppies and raises got to show their stuff. Each team was given fifteen seconds to complete as many obedience commands as possible. The winner was guide dog Dale, but Monte put in a respectable performance completing five commands in the allotted time: SIT, DOWN, STAND, COME, DRESS. If I only would have said STAY, before requesting him to come.

As the picnic ended, we inadvertently created Monte's Dream by emptying a full cooler of ice. Monte loves his ice cubes and comes running when the freezer door opens. It was a warm day and he couldn't resist the temptation. Monte sprawled out in the pile of ice cubes and then dug in the mud as they melted. Not guide dog behavior, but quite appropriate for an almost four month old puppy.

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