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November 23, 2009

Around Oregon

We had a few errands to run this afternoon: the drugstore to pick up more Benadryl to control Neva's itching, the supermarket to get Lisa's baking supplies, and I needed a book from the library. In addition to experiencing sliding doors and strange noises, Neva practiced entering and exiting the car.

Our puppies always draw double takes from other patrons. Usually it's surprise and happiness, especially when they can greet the pup. It's rare, but we have experienced disgust, especially around food. It was pure joy in the library. Neva was mauled by four young girls. We shortened our meet and greet because we were quite a commotion in the normally quiet building.

Neva had her third puppy class at The Dog Den. We worked on SIT, DOWN, WATCH, HEEL, and COME. Sit is almost automatic and the Down still requires some prompting. Her recall is good and Lisa even added a lured Finish.

Tonight's contests were 'Musical Sit', which Neva won and 'Musical Down', where she took second place (out of five). Overall a positive evening. However,we experienced the highlight of the evening exiting class. On the way out, she went down the steps without any hesitation. Only two more weeks until our next hockey game.

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