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November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving adventures.

Lots of new experiences here...my people are screwing with my routine. On Wednesday, I went to work with my dad for the first time. Sounds like I'll get to go there some more instead of spending my Wednesdays at home by myself. Then yesterday I went to the hospital, where my people had lunch. Then I went up and saw a patient and got some pets. And then some more people came to sleep at our house. One of them played tug of war with me and I almost tugged him and his chair over.

Today we went on a car adventure. I had to sit in the back seat with my three people. It was kinda scrunchy. We went to Wollersheim winery. They didn't let me taste any wine or cheese. I had to stay, lie down, come on, stay, down, lets go, stay...while my people wandered around. Then we went to see sculptures by Doc Evermore. More of the same. Sit, stay, come on, down...they sure can be erratic. And then we had lunch, but they forgot to place my order. And then we went to the grocery store, where they had samples and yet again didn't share. They wouldn't even let me eat the crumbs on the floor.
When we finally got home, I had my dinner. Now I'm feeling a little dozy. Oh, and I did very well this morning on our walk...well, I had to be corrected, but the leash is getting looser. It's SOO hard with the squirrels and birds calling my name.

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Sierra Rose said...

Hey there! Suirrels and birdies call my name too. I just sit and watch...then feel the lead tug me away...Harumph! But, sounds like you did great at the winery!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose