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November 18, 2009


Although I brought a pop-up crate for Promise to sleep in, she's not too fond of it. We brought it because the crate we were borrowing turned out to be a little too small. However, since it's door is open, Promise has claimed it as her preferred sleeping spot. When I tell her to go to bed, she'll pick it over the pop-up crate.

When we've left her at home for short periods of time, I've let her stay in this crate, as she can curl up in it, but at night, I have to kick her out and force her over to the other crate, which she is getting better at. No more poking at the door as I try and zipper it up.

We also rode on our first full bus today. Many of the newer Oakland busses have a seating that is primarily elevated, with an un-elevated path down the middle, and accessible seating at this level at the middle of the bus. But all of that seating was taken. So Promise had to lie on the floor by the back door for a while, and then when someone got up, I had her hop up to the higher seating, but she couldn't back in, as it would have required backing up a step. I got her up and then had to pull up her front end to rotate her (not enough room for her to rotate her rear end under my seat and then she settled right down. That bus ride was also the first time I've been asked if I have an ID for her.

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Slick said...

Way to go Promise! Sounds like you are going to be great on public transportation.