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November 14, 2009


Promise and I flew to California yesterday. I took her for a long walk in the morning, and we were dropped off at the airport at about 1:30. After checking my bag, we walked outside until it was time to go through security. We met two people in the airport who knew about OccuPaws, including a TSA agent. We got through security fine -- Promise had to have a pat down search because she set off the metal detector, but no problem. We had plenty of room on both planes -- more foot space than first class. She slept through most of the first flight, waking up for the landing, which startled her. We had a nice bump and then with the deceleration, she slid forward.

In Minneapolis/St. Paul, we hurried out to the pet relief area, where Promise had a lot of sniffs, but didn't have to go. So we went back through security, and she had another pat down search. The second flight got a little long - 3 hours and 45 minutes in the air. She fell asleep with her head on my foot, which was a little cramped for me, though she had plenty of space.

In San Francisco, we were greeted by a spectacular pet relief area. Then we rode the AirTram, which was Promise's first train...which we took to BART -- the train to Oakland. The noises and movement on BART were enough to keep her on alert for about the first five minutes, and then she settled right in.

We also rode several glass elevators. And the AirTran had glass doors. She was intrigued by seeing things move through the doors, but did great.

Now we're in Oakland for the week. It's more urban than Promise is used to. The squirrels and pigeons have no fear.

More photos.


Sierra Rose said...

Wow! You will have a great trip!
We just found your site...and wanted to say hello! We are over here in the SF Bay Area...a few blocks from the Guide Dogs for the BLind facility in San Rafael. Wern't sure if that was one of your stops on your visit.
You hit some great weather! Enjoy your visit.
And, come over to my site sometime to say hello if ya like!!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose and mom

Slick said...

Great Job Promise. Wish I was there!