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November 27, 2009

Chocolate Visitor

We received a chocolate visitor on Wednesday. Before taking Neva on her first overnight excursion, Marley and her adoptive owner stopped by. Sharon said that Marley recognized the location and wanted to enter through the garage instead of the front door.

She entered the house like she owned it. Neva and Marley wrestled and romped while we shared dog stories. Marley was acting like the pack leader, so we tried to use her to lead Neva down the basement steps. That ploy was unsuccessful, so we have more work to do.

Marley has been pulling when out for walks. We reintroduced her to the pronged collar and she started behaving immediately. A few trips up and down the block was all we could handle in the rain, but Sharon and Marley were working like a well oiled machine.

We also received an update on Archie. He looks very happy with his adoptive litter mates. With only one exception all the news on Archie has been positive. He unfortunately lost a tooth in a baseball accident. He has learned not to chase a baseball about to be batted, but continues to chase anything else that moves.

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