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November 23, 2009


Hey folks!
Guess what?! I’m home! Well, right now I’m in a computer lab, but I’m back in Wisconsin. Phew. So my person took me to this place called California. It was strange. It was warm. And I had a funny house…had to wear my vest just go outside. And I saw lots of new things including: glass elevators , airport security, flying (ok, so I tried to flap my ears, but I was really on a plane), a train with glass doors I could see out of while we moved, a REALLY LOUD train, geese, the trolley (my person had to lift me up because it was an old one with a teensy step that they didn’t want me to fall on), a cable car, crowds (geeze, I didn’t know so many existed), some new doggie friends, a concert (SHHH, don’t snore), a bunch of restaurants…I’m sure there’s more, but it’s a blur.
At the airport on the way home, I was walking along and minding my own business when a suitcase started to bark and growl at me. It happened like THREE times…yeah, my people were a little lost, trying to find the right check-in. Someone needs to learn to be quiet. My person said I was VERY GOOD as I did my best to ignore the obnoxious creature.

Unfortunately, after all that adventure, my person says I smell bad. So even though I took a bath ONLY 12 days ago so I'd be clean for my trip, I'm under the threat of a full cleaning tonight.

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Slick said...

Glad you are back home Promise! I hope I see you soon....that is AFTER your bath.