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November 5, 2009

Banjo's first day!

Banjo's first day started around 3;30 am. Ernie gets up early. Played with him, took him for a walk, back in crate at 5am then he leaves. Was quiet in crate till I got up. Was good all day for me.

Here Banjo couldn't decide which toy he wanted to play with so he got them all out. He soon learned not to play with the one Sadie has tho!

Sadie finally let Banjo play with her toy. They played tug together.

Later we took a walk to the School yard to see the grandkids. We live a block away from the school. All the kids want to pet him. We saw Mrs Hendrich there. She's a teacher, she didn't have Geyser tho.

Now he's off to Madison for class. Had a great first day. No problems.

Ernie and Jan

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