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November 30, 2009

My New Job

Woof Woof my Pals,

I just wanted to let everyone know that my days as a blog writer are numbered. I met my future family for the second time, this time at their home, along with my first meeting with their dog. While I tried and tried to get this pup to play, he just wanted to growl and snap. Finally with lots of play bows, helter skelter running and a little correction from Nikki, he agreed to play with me. We chased each other and ran with toys in his back yard.

When we settled down, I met my new pal Kaitlyn and her sister. After I got a lot of loving and hugs, Dad put my harness on me for another test drive. Off we went, with Kaitlyn walking beside me with pauses only to give me a hug. She likes to move fast so I got to trot with her :-) and she is very, very good with her cane and didn't touch me with in once!!

We finally had to stop cuz it was getting dark and cold, but while the humans went on and on with their blah blah blah, I got treats and gave kisses and body rubs. I was sad to go, but I think Kaitlyn was even sadder. Fortunately, Pam is going to do her Mom and Dad's sighted guide training and then I'll teach them some obedience stuff. I have to make them think they are controlling me, but we all know we dogs are the real masters!

Then old Mom and Dad will teach new Mom and Dad everything they need to know about working with me and Kaitlyn as a team. I think we're going to try and finish up their training in the next few weeks so I can go live with them forever before Christmas (what a present I'll be). Then I overheard some blah blah about a big graduation party for us on the 26th or 27th so all of Kaitlyn's family that is in town can come see her graduate. Cool huh?

All for now. I'll be turning over the blog reins to Harley soon.



Ally and Eclipse said...

How very sweet, Slick! I'm sure Kaitlyn is overjoyed to have you come live with her! Congrats on the job well done and I'm sure your training of your new humans will go quickly!

Marlene said...

Check out that smile .... priceless !!

Puppy Raiser said...

Way to go Slick! You and Kaitlyn will be forever buddies and we'll make sure "old" mom and dad are kept real busy so they don't miss you too much!

Harley said...

I'll keep them busy...oops time to wet the floor again.

Mark said...

The smile was ear to ear the whole time.