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November 8, 2009

Fair Day

We spent the entire springlike day indoors at the Wisconsin Dog Fair. The OccuPaws puppies were all there and demonstrated our training process/progress. The six three month old puppies received the bulk of attention at our booth. The older dogs were forced to take a back seat.

After a long day of fundraising, all the puppies were tired and the little ones were used as pillows - payment for stealing all the attention. Eventually Neva moved, leaving Timber to fend for himself on the cold hard floor while she borrowed Maddi's pillow and took a cat nap.

Amazingly, Neva waited to potty until we got to the grassy knoll. As we walked to the car, we worked with Neva to get her to ascend and descend the stairways - major accomplishment, no more carrying her!

To celebrate, we made a Culver's stop where she was once again a focal point. She seems to revel in the attention. Once home, Neva waited patiently while I prepared her dinner which was followed by another nap. It's hard to tell what she likes better, sleep or food.

Our growing butterball found a way to combine the two. As she slept, we could see that she was dreaming. However, unlike most dogs that are running or barking as they dream, Neva appeared to be suckling. Apparently spending time with he five brothers and sisters sparked memories; she was reliving better times surrounded by her siblings enjoying ever flowing warm milk.

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