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November 11, 2009

Fear Factor

After a whirlwind first weekend, Neva settled rather uncomfortably into our normal routine. Seeming to handle the transition and outings well, she has been extremely timid and afraid when outside our house. Every sight or sound causes her to stop with tail tucked. Although frightened we have been able to "make friends" with the people, dogs, and objects and she quickly rebounds.

We were so busy the first few days that Neva was never really introduced to our neighborhood. The sights, sounds, and smells are quite different than the quiet street she lived on before. We have begun a reintroduction protocol to ease her into new situations.

A side effect of her fear is the submissive urination that occurs with perceived threats. The other day the neighbor's dog passing by the house caused this reaction, as did being carried down the basement steps. She keeps a safe distance away from the door downstairs. To help ease this very real fear, I have started placing bits of food near the edge of the stairs; she will approach to receive her reward.

When alarmed at night, Neva freezes and will not leave the porch and thus will not potty which has resulted in a couple of night time accidents in her crate. These accidents were also preceded by an evening feeding. We have implemented a new feeding schedule to better control the crate issue. Instead of a half feeding in the morning and half after outings, Neva will be given one third in the morning, a third at lunch, and the final third at 4pm. This will provide ample opportunity to purge before bedtime.

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