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November 17, 2009

Banjo's Bad Day

Today Banjo was chewing on a bone in the living room. I went upstairs, both Sadie and Banjo followed me up. I was doing some work, I then noticed Banjo wasn't there any more. I go downstairs to see this. My couch was pulled out about 3 feet from the wall, and the skirt was all chewed up.

His bone went under the couch, and he did all he could to get it out. All this in a matter of 5 minutes.

Later, while I was in the kitchen I came out and my small electric blanket that I keep on my couch, the cord was chewed threw. The cord must of been hanging down. Lucky it wansn't plugged in. I was only gone a few minutes.

Today was not a good day. I guess I have to crate him when ever I leave the room. Usually he follows me where ever I go.

Jan and Ernie

It looks like I should have shared these Tips from Cesar a day earlier.

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