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November 14, 2009


Neva has been incommunicado for a few day. We have been working on confidence issues around the house with night walks and making friends with everything that moves or makes noise. Her new feeding schedule has proved successful and housebreaking is 99% complete.

Everyone was up early for the Community Day fundraiser at Boston Store. Neva was joined by Dale, Sonny, Divit, and Deegan. The puppies entertained us with their antics until they zonked. We found out that a sleeping puppy draws just as much attention as playful puppies.

We were also successful in dealing with the fog horn at the hockey game. Six goals this game and now when the Badgers score, the horn sounds, Neva lifts her head, looking for a treat.

One issue remains - fear of stairways. Although we have been positioning treats near our stairs which she eagerly retrieves, she has a distinct phobia of stairways. In addition to being carried up and down the stairs, which is common for little dogs, Neva stops and pulls in the opposite direction when seeing stairs. We were able to lure her near a stairway at the hockey game after she panicked. Resolving this issue is our goal before the next game (12/5).

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