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November 1, 2009

More Hockey

Banjo is turning into quite the rink rat. Three days and three Badger hockey games. It was not how a puppy would choose to spend a weekend, but he was around humans 24x7 which most canines prefer.

It was another women's hockey game. We were also celebrating Lexie's birthday. She (red) plays youth hockey for Tomah. Banjo was in the "team" photo displayed on the jumbotron.

The crowd was not as big as the men's game, but the goal horn was just as loud. As expected, Banjo accepted the noise and enjoyed all five goals today. Knowing that he was a bit sensitive, we stole a page from Pavlov and provided treats every time the horn sounded. Now when startled, he looked to us for his treat.

After dinner and some rest, we took a night walk. Banjo and I walked our main street with the traffic, lights, and noises. He wasn't spooked, only interested in the plethora of new sights and sounds. We had to make friends with a dumpster.

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