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November 15, 2009

School Daze

Woof Woof!

I've had an exciting few days. Last week I left home to spend a few days with another human, Pam who is a teacher. She spent some time with Mom and Dad learning how to have me guide children, go through doors, all of the commands I know and to give her a chance to see what living with me is like. What I didn't know is she teaches the very kids I hope to help some day.

I got to go to all the different schools she visits and meet all the children she helps.

I got loved and pet and cuddled and tummy rubbed!!! It was pure heaven for me.

Then each of the children got to walk with Pam and I just like they would if I was their special dog. I got to visit classrooms and Pam told the children all about me and what I do.

Then after I came home for a couple days, we drove for a long long time to someplace with a quad-zillion people waiting in a room real real quiet. Then all of a sudden Uncle Lou walked in and everybody yelled surprise and clapped and shouted happy 'irement or something like that. Everybody kept squeezing his hand and hitting the poor guy on the back. Maybe he was choking on the big cake or something?


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