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November 10, 2009

Timber's First Report

Yo Yo peoples,

This is Tdawg (better know to you cats at Timber) bringing you the news from my newest assignment - Boot Camp. Been here about a week and I'm slowly trying to get these new human dudes whipped into shape. First of all, they have no regular schedule (gotta make a note to fix that) and they must have poor memories - they can't remember where I sleep. I've been in a different bunk with different bunkmates every night. I tried to tell them the first few nights - HEY, DUDE AND DUDETTE - I'M IN THE WRONG PLACE!!! But they must be hard of hearing cuz, man o man, they just ignored me. So a couple nights ago I just gave up teaching them proper routine and kept my mouth shut.

And another thing - what the heck is all this waiting business - what is your major malfunction people. Time is money, double time and all that stuff....noooo. These people think I should wait to eat, wait to come out of the kennel, wait at the door, wait at the stairs, wait, wait wait...Sheesh.

OK, I get it now. The humans always want to go first - I guess rank has its privilages :-(

Today I got the morning off from drill instruction. We went to a place with way cool racing chairs and walking struts. I got to meet everyone and get hugs!!

Then it was chow time. What they didn't tell me was it was only human chow time. No way, lemme out a here.

As nice as I was to the owner and their friends, just petting and good dog and what a handsome boy....blah blah blah FOOD people FOOD - that's what makes a happy recruit!!! The army moves on it's stomach. How come they didn't learn that in basic???

I'm writing this on the laptop because these crazy DI's have me bivouac'd outside.. and they can't make up their mind. 5 minutes outside, 30 minutes inside, then 15 minutes outside, then a nap inside, and so on. I'm trying my best to let them know I don't like being alone, but I'm about to give up telling them that too.

Over and Out,
Recruit TDawg

PS : Thankfully I had shore leave Sunday and saw some of my family :-)

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