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November 15, 2009

Mocha Moments

Today we were at Mocha Moments Coffee Shop in Janesville. There were 5 puppies there for a fundraiser for OccuPaws. Mocha Moments was nice enough to open on a Sunday for a benefit day. Divit, Banjo, Cinder, Sonny & Maddi were there. We would like to thank the owners of Mocha Moments for all of their help with the fund raiser. I think their kids had a great time playing with the puppies.

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Slick said...

I'm sorry that we couldn't be there.

It looks like you guys did a great job!

Thanks to Mocha Momments.

Theresa said...

It was a lot of fun

Puppy Raiser said...

Who's tall kid on the left with the mustache?? : )