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November 20, 2009


This morning Neva attended an impromptu puppy exchange. She met three new OccuPaws puppies: Harley and Haley who are eight weeks old and a puppy to be named(TBN). Neva who is fifteen weeks old is about the same size as her eleven week old wrestling partner, TBN. The petite Haley watched from a safer distance.

Introducing Haley, Harley, and TBN.

After romping in the grass, Harley left with his new puppy raisers to his new home. Neva, Haley, and TBN went to visit a person that wanted to rescue one our "misfit" dogs from the island of misfit toys. However, when she met Haley she thought that puppy raising might be the perfect fit.

Our black butterball, Neva, might belong on the island with us by her side. The canine teeth on her left side have not come in yet, or they were knocked out weeks ago. She also has very dry and itchy skin. Any touch on her back makes her legs scratch uncontrollably. After a healthy two months with Banjo, we are back to raising a puppy with health issues. When will they learn that we just aren't cut out for this puppy raising stuff.

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