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November 7, 2009

Too Much

On Saturdays our first stop is the puppy play group at The Dog Den. Entering the new environment, Neva walked the perimeter to get the lay of the land. She keeps to herself and is cautious until comfortable.

After a brief initiation, the smaller puppies went outside and Neva started behaving like a normal Labrador, albeit a somewhat reserved Labrador. An hour of play time is usually all it takes to wipe out an older puppy. We still had a few stops to make. Neva needed some toys (and food samples) from Mounds and then we dragged her around the Farm and Fleet store.

She was exhausted, so when we stopped for lunch she slept "quietly" under the table. The walk to and from the car just about killed her. Finally, we made it back home where she sprang to life. She had rested in the restaurant and car, so she was eager to play once we got home.

Still reeling from the day's activities, Neva's walk to the Kohl Center took fifteen minutes (3x usual). The walk to our seats took another thirty minutes due to her speed and the many "meet and greet"s.

Neva cannot or will not do a flight of stairs, but she did jump into the car on her own today. I carried her outside between the second and third period because she had been sleeping and I knew she would immediately potty.

Leaving the game a little early, we were still one of the last to leave the parking lot. Even more "meet and greet"s outside, two potty stops, and her pace was even slower than entering. It was a very long day for the little black butterball.

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Barb and Slick said...

Neva is such a cutie!