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December 1, 2009

Panther, oh my!

Arf, yip!

Hi there. This is Harley. Slick says I can type now. Slick and me and Timber are buddies. We play a lot and chew bones. Reggie the border collie doesn't like me...but Slick said he didn't like him a whole lot at first either. Maybe if I stop pulling his tail??? Here I am hangin' with my pals.

When Slick went to someplace to meet a girl I went to stay at Aunt Mindy's house and play with her pup Jacob. He is trying to put a new collar on me but I told him it was too jingley. He let me eat his fingers - they were good.

But they forgot to warn me there was a giant panther living at their house. I decided not to eat him, just in case he decided to eat me. He was pretty nice so I play bowed to him, but stupid cat just didn't get it and walked away.


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