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8/12 CCSDA Training

January 31, 2010


Our Saturday began at The Dog Den, where we are always welcomed with open arms. Through their generosity, we attend training classes and playgroups free of charge. Neva, Banjo, Marley, and Cinder consider them the Best Pet Place in Madison and encourage your support in their quest to be named the Best Pet Place. If The Dog Den is voted Best Pet Place they will donate the profits from the day the winners are announced to the Dane County Humane Society!

Neva played hard and crashed as we drove down to Cuba City. She slept most of the afternoon. Oh how I envy her schedule: play, sleep, potty, nap, walk, nap, dinner, nap, ...

Today her dinner was delayed, as we attended Troy(2) and Rylee's(1) birthday party. It was held at a kid friendly location "Bouncy House", a perfect training event for Neva to get used to children.

Before the party we met a few young customers and Neva enjoyed their attention. However as Neva and I chaperoned a few birthday guests, we were asked to remain in the party room, banished to the party room. The rationale was that some children might have allergies, I reluctantly complied. After dinner and thinking about being "segregated", we entered the public facility, legal explanation in hand and ready for a confrontation - no problems.

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