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January 14, 2010

Not Super Smart

We took Cinder to her first training class at The Dog Den. Thinking that she was a super smart dog, we debated between the advanced or intermediate, finally opting for the intermediate class. The focus of class is to "proof" or solidify the basic obedience commands: SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME, LEAVE IT. We just wanted to practice with her ultimate distraction - Other Canines.

We started giving commands as usual, facing the dog - no problem. Then we tried commands while turned away from the dog, seated in a chair, and from five yards away. It's amazing what a difference changing the routine and position make.

The class turned out to be a good fit because Cinder isn't as advanced as we thought she was. She doesn't know her verbal commands as well as we believed. Instead she is picking up on hand signals and body movement. In her desire to please, she is sometimes just guessing or running through what has "worked" in the past. She definitely need sto work on LEAVE IT also.

This will be a good learning opportunity for Cinder and her puppy raisers.

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