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January 22, 2010

Cinder's Transition

Jeff has been very busy lately, so as the smartest in the house, I decided to write my own post...From Cinder: I have been enjoying my time back at the Arndts, though anybody who knows me knows I make fun wherever I am! They continue to insist on me only pottying when they tell me to go when we are out for walks or before an outing, and I have finally decided to comply--you have to pick your battles with these humans, you know? I still don't know why they snatch up my droppings and tie them up in a horrible plastic bag. Why can't they just let them be,they just don't get how delectable those are when they freeze a bit--yummy! Again, no use fighting it.

Anyhoo, I got to accompany Lisa on an outing to her office for 2 meetings, which I thought would be great fun...booorrrriiinnggg! Lisa was going to snap my picture but I spent 4 hours laying under a table sleeping and she said that would be a pretty boring picture--you don't have to tell me, I lived it! She even brought "treats" in because it was her birthday, but not one of those nice ladies would share their goodies, but they did say I was very polite and so beautiful (thank you, but don't any of you have a ball in those bags you carry?!). My 1-year birthday is next week (26th), I would be happy to bring some of my most delectable treats, but for some reason humans scrunch up their faces and start talking very fast and loud when they see me partaking in these treats, so maybe I'll just keep them for myself!

My time with the Arndts was suddenly cut short on Thurs when Lisa discovered something, I am not sure what, but she said "Oh Oh," and rushed off to call Marlene and then Jeff got home and we were on our way to Beloit where I will be a camper at my original home, Camp Morga. I heard something about me being a "big girl" now. Anyway, I get to spend time with a pack of dogs, including my half sister Promise and some little brats Marlene has running around here (one has really poofy hair!), then there's Envy who seems to be kind of a loner but I think she has a sore ear so I'll let her be, and finally there is Skeeter who is little but she is a real big---well, let's just say she seems very grumpy, so I will try to steer clear of her while I'm here or bug her relentlessly until she plays with me! As long as Marlene feeds me,I'll be fine, I'll get lots of play time with other dogs which is the MOST fun thing to do in the whole wide world,and maybe I will be back at the Arndts again after all this "big girl" business is through--for some reason, some salty peanuts and a chocolate bar sound really tasty right now...Bye, Cinder

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