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January 28, 2010


Neva welcomed two little visitors to our house the other day. Avery (4) and Lexie (6), our goddaughters spent the evening with us. They usually don't like our puppies; the canines are usually "too active".

Neva was very calm as they entered the house and she kept a safe distance, not sure how to react to these strangers. She fled from the princess wearing a veil and clomping around in high heels. She wanted to play with the little human pretending to be a puppy, on all fours , but wasn't sure how to play with the purple puppy.

As you can see they eventually warmed up to each other. Neva needs more encounters with children, especially if she is being groomed to be a Children's Visual Companion Dog.

Neva has been on a partial raw food diet. We have been giving her diced beef and ground turkey. Tonight was her first encounter with chicken portions. She started with a thigh and a bit of dog food. She loves her dog food and picked the chicken out so she could finish the dog food; ten minutes later the thigh was gone, bones and all. Her second course was a chicken leg that didn't last nearly as long - two minutes tops.

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