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January 22, 2010

Table for Three?

Cinder has been busy this week. She spent an evening in the mall shopping - walk, stand, walk, sit, walk, down. She also spent one day in the office with Lisa, attending two meetings - down, quiet, down.

We went to a Thai restaurant for Lisa's birthday and I think that Cinder caused some confusion. As we entered the restaurant, the hostess asked if we needed a "Table for three?" No, the dog can stay on the floor. The staff loved her, extra waitresses stopped by the table to say hello. Although they did forget to bring me a glass of water.

Yesterday we made a unscheduled trip down to Beloit. Cinder finally went into heat and Lisa couldn't get her down to Beloit fast enough. We are not without a puppy, however as we picked up our problem puppy, Neva. She is well behaved; she just has perpetual health issues. Our now pudgy little girl brought with her a couple bottles of medicine, vitamins, herbs, two cans of pumpkin, and fifteen pounds of meat.

1 comment:

Marlene said...

Pudgy ??? Hope you know that is "pleasingly plump" ....
How rude :)
Give my sweet "round" little girl a hug & smootch from me.
And "p-you". Thanks for bringing me another stinky girl in season to live in my kitchen !
Yes, Promise & Cinder are both in :(
Roxie is too but thank you Barb for keeping her with you :) I owe you .......