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January 6, 2010

New Year's Travels

Since our Christmas travel plans to MN were delayed by the severe weather they had, we went over New Year's weekend. Magic was there with 3 other dogs, including Sara, my 5yo Standard Poodle. It was a bit of a blessing since they had -20 degree weather (no windchill) for 3 of the 4 days we were there. Three of the dogs were all about the same size and played mostly well together. I kept a close eye on them to watch that they didn't become too friendly with eachother. We also went to a nice little cafe and met with friends for an hour. Magic laid nicely under my chair. Again, I don't think the owners even realized he was there until we left.

Magic has been only having about 1 accident a day, usually when I'm busy and not watching him closely. The last 2 days I had him on a "tighter leash" and he has had none. Yay! Tonight he even asked to go out twice and he promptly did his business, even though I had just brought him out 20 minutes prior. I've been rewarding him, occasionally, with a free play session outside with Sara after he does his stuff. They love to romp in the snow and Magic is bigger now that he can't just run under Sara's belly like he could a week or two ago.

We are starting in a puppy class on Saturday and looking forward to that playtime opportunity. Sometimes Magic thinks my cats look like little dogs that want to play, so we've been using corrections for that. He's also doing well in my childcare room, but he's mostly in a gated area away from toddlers at his (bouncy puppy) age. Every now and then, one little girl will stick her fingers in to pet Magic, who licks them.

No kennel cough signs so we also plan to be at Rex's Innkeeper tomorrow night as well.

Lynda & Magic

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