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January 15, 2010



Harley says I get to play with the computer and type and stuff!! Neato!! We all got to play outside together inna snow and everything with Roxie - she's nice. I can't run as fast as the other dogs but at least I take better pictures :-)

When we got done playing and I was all wet and like a stinky wet dog smell, Mom says "get dressed" so I went to my crate, but Mom said you too Wilbur, you get to go too! Whee, is that cool or what. I didn't know what get to go means but it's with Harley so let's go.
Harley got to ride on the floor in the front seat and I hadda ride it a tiny, cramped crate. Boo hiss, no fair!
After a zillion miles I think we came to a big building with lots of girls in it. Mom called them Brownies but they didn't smell like chocolate or nuthin'. Harley and me charged in and tried to kiss every single one of the girls. Being blond, I was the most popular.

Then they invited the cub scouts to come in and meet us too. Eveybody sat on the floor and listened to boring human blah blah blah until finally the humans said the kids could pet us again - that was the best part.

Then Debbie, Sonny's Mom, had everyone all get ready for a big picture. We all had to smile at the Kitty, Kitty's in the room. I didn't see them but they must have been there cuz everyone kept saying Kitty Kitty.

I think there are some more pictures if you click here.

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