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January 23, 2010

Boston Store - Madison

Wilbur and I got to meet up with Geyser and Casey at the Boston Store East today to sell Community Day booklets. They were very tasty - Wilbur and I split one for lunch! We got pet so much Wilbur and I fell asleep and wouldn't wake up. Fortunately Geyser and Casey stayed awake to get the love. There are more pictures if you click here.

Then I found out the bestest goodest news of all. Casey was coming to our house for a sleepover. Her Mom, Marlette, is going to be gone tomorrow so she came to play with us. Casey took about a whole 3 seconds to meet Stitch and Reggie and Roxie (her doggie Mommy) and then it was playtime.

Mom kept yelling something about no running inna house but we didn't care!



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