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January 18, 2010

My First Real Outing

Hi Woofs!!!

Wilbur here with a report on my first real, live extended outing. I got to go with Harley to Lukenbooth's to watch Mom and Dad eat human food. I would have been sad not to get anything to eat, but a lot of people at a big long table said Awww when I came in. I dunno why, my name is Wilbur, not Awww. Anyhow, Mom took me over there and said this is Wilbur, not Awww. Funny thing, humans are not real smart. They just kept calling me Awww.

When we got done we went home and Harley got dressed AGAIN to go out without me this time. Why didn't they take me, I was soooo good. :-(


Woof, Woof!

My turn now. Like Wilbur said, I got to go to the mall and meet up with Casey and his Mom Marlette for some more walking and stuff. There was a scarey big monster yellow cone thingie that jumped and made noise when dad touched it. It took us a little while, but pretty soon we made friends with it.

Then we went to the moving stairs and sat next to them and watched them move and felt the platform vibrate. We did good, but Dad said we were too young to ride the stairs so we rode the little moving room...kewl!!

Then after Casey looked at himself inna mirror thingie, the Dick's Sporting Goods bossman guy came over to see us. He pets real nice so I let him rub my tummy and then he pet us both...kewl!!

Then we sat in the Court of Food while all the humans blah blah blahed for hours...very unkewl!!



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