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January 2, 2010

Energy Depletion

For the first time since May, we are living life without a young puppy in the house. Gone are the housebreaking worries and frequently scheduled potty breaks. They have been replaced by a high energy eleven month old puppy's desire for constant play.

Cinder will fetch a toy, drop it at your feet, and then wait patiently for you to throw it. As she waits, her gaze screams "pleeezzz". It's impossible to resist. On numerous occassions I have found myself telling her enough, only to find myself mindlessly tossing the toy five minutes later.

After enduring the initial 48 hours of her nervous energy, we dedicated ourselves to tire her out. This included a midnight walk on New Years's Eve followed by a sunrise walk New Year's morning. These only took the edge off. The full antidote turned out to be a chili dinner at Buddy, Kane, and Sable's house. The four dogs tugged and chased for three hours and then we went sledding where the dogs raced up and down the hill for another hour.

We warmed up with some hot chocolate and cider while the dogs half heartedly played. Eventually, all four rested, three on the sofa and Cinder in the corner. After returning home, Cinder followed me around the house for a little while and then retreated to her crate for more rest. Her energy depleted. she required recharging.

This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed. Suffering from aching bones and cold symptoms, acquired from sledding yesterday, we made it to The Dog Den for playtime. With below zero temperatures, it was the best spot to get a full hour of exercise. As you can see there was a constant flurry of activity with two dozen canines exorcising their cabin fever. Although surrounded by Goldens, Cinder has a definite affinity for Boxers.

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