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January 24, 2010

Neva's Final Exam

Our "pleasingly plump" little girl attended play time at The Dog Den. She saw a few of her old friends, human and canine. We arrived a bit early so we threw her in with the older dog before their session ended. Then the rest of the puppies showed up and Neva played chase-wrestle-bite until she collapsed in a heap just before playtime expired. It took every ounce of strength to stand up and "get dressed".

On the way to the mall for some more shopping, Neva rested. Her nap wasn't long enough, evidenced by her extremely slow pace. She isn't the most active pup, but this was painfully slow. She didn't mind our stopping to talk or shop as it allowed her to stretch out and relax.

Her lethargy was replaced by exuberance when she saw another puppy walking past us in the Boston Store. Geyser was on his way to sell Boston Store coupon books and he is either very focused when working or he didn't see Neva.

The evening itinerary included a Badger hockey game. Previously Neva had been working on ascending and descending stairs at the Kohl Center. Then three days before her scheduled final exam we did an early puppy switch. So tonight was her make-up exam. She passed the step test with flying colors and barely noticed the loud horn, which sounded four times as the Badgers defeated the #1 team in the country.

Neva has been going to hockey games since three months old. She has always handled loud noises much better than Cinder. This brings up another reason that it's good to rotate puppies. Not only do the dogs have different experiences, but the puppy raisers are better able to identify issues with their charge and take corrective action.

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