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January 26, 2010

Geyser loves Bowling Night!

Hi it's Geyser here! This is my first post. I've been busy as a full time teacher's assistant. I go with my Mom, Pam, to at least three school everyday. This means getting in and out of the car many times a day. I'm a pro at that skill but I'm kinda slow at times. Mostly I just settle into the passenger floor area and doze off but sometimes I like to watch Mom drive and look like a "cool dude".

Sometimes I get to play with little kids and sometimes I have to get through crowded hallways full of very big kids. They sure are noisy! But once we are in the room she is going to work in then I get some down time. I usually take a quick na
p but sometimes I play with my toys.
I have my own toy bag that Mom brings along for me everywhere.

The work gig is OK but my favorite activity so far is Bowling Night every Monday. I have some adoring fans that play with me on and off all night while Mom takes her turn at bowling. I get to push around a bowling ball also but they won't let me get anywhere near that lane or those pins. How am I ever going to get good at this game?

I now have my own "bowling shirt" to match Mom and the other girls. It's actually a bandana because Mom has no sewing skills but I'm cool with that! We'll be taking a team picture next week. I'm now part of the Happy Schnapps Comb
o Team. I think the Tye Dye colors really look great on my black hair!I've had two play dates with my new friend Indi. He's a chocolate lab and has lots of energy. He is teaching me "tug o' war" and how to catch a frisbee. He's kind of a "frisbee hog" right now - showing off because he's so good at it already - but I'll catch up eventually once the weather gets better. Mom keeps saying we'll go to the Jefferson Dog Park but so far the weather has not cooperated. I did get a short walk in the rain on Sunday though - it was only sprinkling for pete's sake. I'm no wuss but I think my Mom is! I could be waiting awhile for that dog park visit.
Well, I guess I've talked way to much for my first blog. I've been with Pam and John now for almost a month so I had some catching up to do! My future blogs will be short and sweet - but with lots of pictures because Mom is a shutterbug. Oh well, good thing I'm such a handsome guy!

Bye for Now,

1 comment:

Heather and Kelly said...

Welcome to blogworld, Geyser! You're doing great, what a good first post!
Everyone loves to see pictures, good thing your mom takes a lot.