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January 24, 2010

My New Adventures

Hello guys....

Casey here. I have been having such a fun time with my new Mom in Middleton. We go everywhere together, and when she says "car" I jump in and settle down on the front seat floor like a good dog.

In just two weeks I have been to the Middleton Chamber breakfast, Madison Symphony Final Forte concert, the new Cooper's Tavern on opening night, Kid Disco at the Hilldale Great Dane Brew Pub (ahh, chasing after all the bubbles from the bubble machine was fun!), Olbrich Gardens, and LOTS of shopping. I even got to see the movie "Julie & Julia," but I must not have been hungry 'cause I slept through it all!

At the Lake Home and Cabin Show I found a wonderful log bed to

take a nap, I was so tired out from all the people gushing over me!

Having all this attention is pretty exhausting, let me tell you..... My buddy Harley and I got to attend the Middleton Chamber's Annual Celebration at the Marriott, where everyone gave us lots 'n lots of petting.

Next we had a fund raiser at the Boston Store, and so many children came by to pet us and give us hugs.

Oh, yea, we raised a lot of money for OccuPaws, too,

so I know I'll get a lot of special training now so I can grow up to be a good guide dog!

Tonight I am on an overnight to Barb and Mark's to see my real mommy again, Roxie, to tell her all about my adventures in Middleton!

Bye for now,

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