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January 31, 2010

Canine Alarm Clock

The other day I mentioned that Neva has quite the life, so I decided to take her to work. If I have to work on Sunday, the least she could do is tag along.

We walked in through the tunnels and up the stairs to my office/cube. My pudgy little girl did not enter the building unnoticed. After we had been working for ten minutes a security guard stopped by and said that he saw a dog on the camera and had to stop and say "Hello". I am guessing it was more to investigate why a dog was in the building.

She proved my point. As I worked for four hours, she napped. Her only interruption was a short trip outside where we rode the elevators, regular going down and the glass one going up. She hurried out as the doors opened, but didn't appear stressed, she just knew that we were on the move.

Neva has developed a bad habit that we need to stop otherwise her next puppy raiser will not be happy with us. She gets up every morning with Lisa for a quick outside potty and then eats breakfast. After eating she comes to my side of the bed, sits nicely and waits to be petted. If I don't hear her or see her, she will wake me with the thump, thump, thump of her tail. No need for an alarm clock anymore.

Of course I initiated this behavior a couple weeks ago. I called her to my bedside when my alarm went off, had her sit, rubbed her head, then down and rubbed her side while I prepared to face the day. Now she expects it everyday. Since Neva will be leaving on Thursday, maybe I will bring her into bed tomorrow morning to snuggle.

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