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January 6, 2010

Home Away from Home

Fighting off a cold/flu virus, probably picked up from one of our sick puppies, and fighting to eradicate a virus from our computer, I am struggling to get back into a normal workday routine after the holidays. Spending the last three evenings at the Kohl Center, Cinder now considers this her normal routine and the building to be her home away from home. She does enjoy going on outings.

The last two nights, she attended a hockey clinic and womens hockey game against the USA Olympic team. NO ACCIDENTS! Both events had a large contingent of young female hockey players which were ecstatic to see a puppy in the building. Cinder received plenty of loving and she reciprocated with a few kisses. We are trying to minimize her licking.

The fog horn wasn't in play for the clinic and the Badgers were scoreless in their game, so Cinder was not traumatized. We were well stocked with treats and ready to administer them if the horn was used. She found the seating area a bit cramped and disliked the PA announcements. She will surely be tested this Saturday when the mens team battles a young select team.

Cinder is settling into our daily routine. She knows that my getting dressed in the morning results in her going outside and is sure to keep an eye on me lest I forget her. We had originally labeled Cinder a nervous dog, but it may be that she is very attentive and aware. She focuses on what we will ask of her next and always eager to please.

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Michelle said...

Good luck with the licking!!! We tried for 4 months! I like your 2nd opinion of her, I don't feel she is nervous or anxious at all, just too smart for her own good and definately wants to please :-)