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January 20, 2010

Out and About

Arf, Gruff

Hi, this is Wilbur typing again. I'm getting to go more places and do more things. Mom says it's because I'm getting pretty good at being "regular"...what ever that is. She is just so happy when I do my business just before we go inside someplace. Well, I guess whatever makes her happy.

So I got to go with Harley to meet up with Casey and Marlette at Scatz's in Middleton for another training session and a human lunch. The three of us tried to be good under the table together, but it was tough. Casey figured if she didn't look at us, we would leave her alone...right.

Then we went to Adams Advertising to thank them for the billboard stuff and to let them meet us. We went all around the building and people pet us a lot and took pictures of us and everything. I sat closer to the camera so I look bigger than Harley! :-)

Then we came home and played until Mom said "enough playing" so we had to be good....right.


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