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January 10, 2010

Miss Popular

Cinder was the most popular girl at The Dog Den playtime. Being unspayed and almost one year old, a few of the male dogs would not leave her alone. One young Pit Bull was relentless for the last thirty minutes of playtime. Cinder scurried away as fast as she could, literally jumping over other dogs to avoid his advances. No telltale symptoms, so we are not sure if she is in season yet or it is fast approaching.

Before the hockey game we practiced heeling on a walk through the neighborhood (brrr). She is a quick study and should have it mastered by the end of the month.

Saturday evening was Badger Hockey, Cinder experienced the usual meet/greets and we met a potential puppy raiser. This game was a big test which she passed. The fog horn sounded three times and she remained stationary in a DOWN, but would not eat our bribes/rewards until the horn ceased.

She seemed more surprised by the loud noise than panicked. No flight response and she wasn't trembling. I don't feel like we are torturing her anymore.

We left the hockey game after the second period, but the Badgers scored four more goals which meant free Culver's custard. So after a quick shopping trip this morning where we received the usual attention, Cinder quietly and patiently watched us eat our frozen custard from under the table. Not sure if I will ever get used to the constant stares and whispers.

1 comment:

Marlene said...

Believe me, you'll know when she comes in season !! She'll be at my front door the first hour :)