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January 16, 2010

Twice the Fun

Another Saturday begins with play time at The Dog Den. One hour of running around, sniffing, and jumping over other dogs is plenty and generally tires a puppy out.

This morning we received an expected visitor. Banjo's family had a wrestling tournament in town and dropped him off for the day. He accompanied us to play time. Cinder has been playing with the adult group (over 12 months) and Banjo fit right in.

Cinder was very nimble today as both hunter and prey. Our two charges would seek each other out for some Labrador wrestling.Both dogs also worked on DOWN STAY when they needed a timeout.

Still going strong after hour one, we stayed for the puppy group. Halfway through the second hour they tired - standing around with tongues hanging out. Thinking they were ready for a nap, we returned home, however, they were getting a second wind, tugging and stealing toys. More activity as we walked over to view human wrestling where the puppies drew considerable attention from the human youngsters.

Only after our visitor left did Cinder settle down and relax. I would guess that Banjo slept well on his journey home.

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