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January 24, 2010

Janesville Boston Store

On Saturday, Maddi went to the Janesville Boston Store to sell coupon booklets for a fundraiser. She was a very good girl. We met up with Marlene, Juan and the two German shepherd puppies, Justice and Journey. This was the shepherds first outing and they did quite well as our selling time was their usual nap time they slept for a lot of it. It didn't stop people from petting them though. They didn't mind at all, they slept through a lot of the attention. We also met at least one new puppy raiser, maybe two.

Poor Maddi was upstaged by the babies for most of the time. Maddi is very good at her pathetic puppy face so she did get some attention. She didn't mind so much after her sister Finley showed up. Unfortunately the batteries in the camera died so I didn't get any pictures with Finley. Note to self, charge batteries before leaving house!

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Barb said...

The older dogs always seem to get upstaged by the puppies. Geyser was the oldest in Madison, and, as cute as he is, he is not as cute as Wilbur or Harley. (And Geyser isn't that old...!)