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January 4, 2010


Harley Here,

I have had a very busy couple of weeks.

I am staying with my puppy raisers, Barb and Mark Schultze along with their dogs and a couple “extra” OccuPaws dogs. Promise is staying with us just until Amy comes back from her vacation, and Deegan is also here, waiting for his proposed trip for advanced guide dog training in warmer climes. Promise and Deegan like to play with me. But, one of my house mates, Reggie (a border collie), prefers that I don’t play with him…spoil sport!

Yesterday I went to Mindy’s house to visit with my little two legged friend, Jacob. Jacob is still training me to walk on a leash and be gentle.

Mindy also has several cats. One of her cats acts more like a “dog” in that it was not that interested in me, and I just had mild interest in it. I walked up and down Mindy’s stairs.

Today Deegan and I went with mom and dad for breakfast at Luckenbooth’s in Black Earth. I receiving petting by many patrons having their breakfast. Did you know that Luckenbooth’s had put up a donation jar for OccuPaws during the month of December? (OccuPaws received a little over $50.) Mom and dad really like to eat the breakfasts there (Yummy). Alas, no food for me. Deegan did not receive as many pets as I did. (Nanny, Nanny, boo, boo.)

Mom had me show off my sit, down and stay skills at the restaurant too.

I understand that I will be at a graduation on the 7th…. I wonder what happens there?


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