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January 9, 2010

A new mixture

Hey guys

Promise, Harley and Wilbur here!! We'll each have to take turns typing I guess.

My turn first - Here I am about to give Promise a love nip!!!

I think she took it the wrong way...over to you Promise.

Bite me you young whippersnapper - down, down I say!!!

Ahem, civilized Wilbur here. HIYA HIYA HIYA.

Mac, it's fun to play here, but Promise is too fast for me, and Roxie is too slow for me, but Harley is JUST right!!

I wonder if he'll ever wake up again or if I just wore him out???

Bye for Now - everyone else is asleep,



Anonymous said...

Hopefully Wil will grow into that vest soon. Glad to hear Harley is a good playmate!

Mark said...

Have electricians tape (and lots of it) and that medium will look like a custom fit small :-)