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January 31, 2010

Fun Match

On Saturday Maddi went to the Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds to attend a Fun Match fundraiser for the Rock County 4-H Dog Project. The morning was spent watching the obedience run-throughs. It was good practice for Maddi to have to watch the other dogs working and walking right past her and have to ignore them. The afternoon was spent participating in the conformation run-throughs. Kathy took Maddi into the ring for the puppy 4-6 month class. Maddi did quite well considering the fact that we had never practiced this with her before. Of course, since you can have treats in this ring, Maddi was all attention.

Journey and Candy also joined in the fun in the show ring, but I could never seem to get a picture of Candy. Someone was always in the way or she was moving so much it was too blurry.
Maybe next time we can get her to be a little still.

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