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October 28, 2009

Home Again

Banjo and his puppy raisers have returned home exhausted. We have been traveling across the state of Missouri stalking "The Boss", while Banjo had an extended weekend at Camp Morga.

The reports from camp were not good. His 'only dog routine' was upset by having four other canines to deal with, along with a different routine and new set of rules. Banjo's issues included barking in his crate, jumping on the door, bolting from his crate, pulling while walking, and barking in the kennel. This behavior, which doesn't occur at our home, did not ingratiate him with the warden.

We are always surprised, but shouldn't be anymore, by the rapid behavior changes that occur when puppies are rotated or taken care of by others. The stress of being away from their humans and disrupted routine often create behavioral issues. As things returned to "normal" today, Banjo's brain magically returned to his head.

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