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October 17, 2009

Lone Goal

Friday night, we had dinner out and Banjo had to sit patiently for over an hour. Then it was off to the IMAX movie theater. We met a real service dog in the lobby that really wanted to play with Banjo. Both dog and puppy maintained their distance and remained focused on their work task.

The film began with children running and dogs barking. Banjo watched intently as these are his two favorite distractions. As things settled down on the screen, Banjo settled down and rested, only to have his nap interrupted intermittedly by "Wild Things" howling and romping. Banjo thoroughly enjoyed the movie's visual and aural realism. He didn't enjoy another late dinner. He hasn't eaten before 9 pm for seven days in a row.

Working hard mentally the last few days with limited exercise, Banjo was in dire need of puppy playtime today. There just isn't a substitute for canine interactions. With fewer puppies at the Dog Den today, the play was less chaotic, but more intense. Banjo tired and needed a break after thirty minutes. I could tell by the way he casually followed his playful peers. He wanted to rest, however being a Labrador he had to play. I made him stop and retreat - outside for a potty break.
Tonight was Banjo's first real hockey game. We arrived at the rink early to get acclimated and allow plenty of time for Meet and Greets. It took about three minutes to meet our first family. Puppy and children were all smiles (dogs smile with their tails).

Halfway through the third period the Badgers scored their first goal. Banjo was summoned to attention by the loud horn and 11,000 people cheering, which we had not experienced at last week's scrimmage. It startled him, but he rebounded quickly. It was their only goal, enough to earn a tie, but not enough to gauge Banjo's reaction.

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