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October 18, 2009

Party Day

We were up early and only had time for a quick potty and short walk around the block before travelling to Platteville. Our goddaughters were having a bowling birthday party. Banjo was pure puppy energy, nibbling fingers licking faces. He seemed to feed off the energy of the guests and as the bowling started he settled down and napped for the remainder of the party.

His two hour nap was followed by a one hour ride home. We repacked, forgetting our camera again, and drove to Blue Moon Community Farm for the annual Harvest Party. Banjo visited the two flocks of chickens, rafter of turkeys, and the swine survivors prior to one of his hog pals, Winston, serving as guest of honor - dinner. Banjo would wait to eat dinner at home, declining to eat based on moral grounds. He doesn't feel the same way about fowl though.

As usual everyone was impressed with the behavior of the young puppy; our conversations always refocused on the black puppy lying or sitting at our feet. They saw chinks in his behavior as we ate our dinner and Banjo nibbled on the hay bale we used as a chair. After dinner we let them see that he was a real dog and not a "Stepford Dog". Banjo played hard with Summer, the farm's dog. Jumping, pawing, and biting, he burned off a little energy. To ensure a quiet evening we stopped at the park on the way home and walked a mile. Once again he is sleeping on my feet.

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