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October 24, 2009

Community Day Sale NORTH

Woof Y'all

I had a great adventure this morning. First I went and taught Pam and her hubby some of the basic commands I know and then I took them for a blind-folded walk around East Towne. All my humans said I was a good boy.

Then we stood in from of the Boston Store and traded white books for green paper. Everybody seemed happy about the trade. My humans had a table to give other pieces of paper and stuff to people.

My old pal Jacob came to visit, he just ignored me and went right for Sonny. He grabbed the leash and just took over Sonny's training I think. The words were kinda hard to understand though.

Eventually there were so many people there, Jacob had to share Sonny with a bunch of other little humans.

Last year I thought my bunny ears were embarassing until I saw poor Super-Dog Dale wearing all sorts of red and white human skins. He took it like a gentleman though and trouped through the crowd like a manley canine (even in tights).

After a while even the youngsters got tired out and could barely move.

You can see more pictures here on Facebook.

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