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October 4, 2009

Barktoberfest 2009

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After much anticipation and preparation, we celebrated Barktoberfest at Tyranena Brewery this afternoon. The weather was less than cooperative, at least it wasn't raining. The cooperation of the OccuPaws Volunteers and generosity of atendees "overshadowed" the weather to make a good time and raise money for a worthy cause.

As usual the puppies were the focal point of the event. Three of our newest members (Maddi, Sonny, and Sparta) were initiated by Banjo and the rest of the pack - canine and human. We would have made a lot more money if we had charged people a dollar to switch holding/handling the puppies.

The most common reminder was that "Puppy teeth are sharp."

Settling into our seats to eat brats, drink [root] beer, and listen to the polka band put our more "mature" dogs in close proximity to each other. Slick, Reggie, and Divit were well behaved until my teenage puppy joined them and started causing wrestling with Slick. Reggie, our elder statesman, kept his distance from the fray. He eventually couldn't control his play drive and joined in.

Banjo and I had put in a full day before Barktoberfest even started. The Walk to Cure Diabetes was this morning. We walked the grounds, working the crowd, and meeting a lot of nice people, pets, and mascots. There must have been twenty mascots including Bucky, Scoopee, Maynard, Klement's Hot Dog, and State Street Brat, whose personal guide was interested in volunteering for OccuPaws.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the conclusion to help set-up at Tyranena.

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