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October 31, 2009

Medieval Dreams

The first item on our agenda was puppy playtime at The Dog Den. It was Banjo's last time with this group of puppies. He will be moving to Janesville this week to live with his next puppy raiser and he should probably attend the playtime for dogs. His size, 51 pounds, can be quite intimidating for the medium sized puppies. He played non-stop for sixty minutes in preparation for a two hour stint at the Boston Store selling coupon books. He was very well behaved.

Although he wanted to, Banjo did not sleep the entire time. His dreams of fortified castles, gallant knights, and beautiful princesses were constantly interrupted by inquisitive fairies, witches, and goblins. He sprang to attention when we were all threatened by a three foot tall green and purple dragon.

Taking his cue from Banjo, Sonny was also there to protect us. He thought that the carriage riding tiger meant to do us harm. Judging by Tigger's eyes, it looks like the threat was nullified by a surprise attack from the black mongrel. Sonny and Tigger eventually made friends - still waiting for the photographic documentation of their amicable alliance.

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Our final destination was the UW men's hockey game which was a student costume party. Even with all the strange looking creatures, Banjo kept his focus.

The scariest part of the evening for Banjo was the goal horn. It is a very loud fog horn that seems to last an eternity. The horn celebrates every Badger goal. Unfortunately, our sleeping canine was roused six times from slumber by the aural trauma. After the third time he would sit up startled, check out the action on the ice, and quickly lie back down to rest.

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