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October 21, 2009

Who's New Hike

Greetings and Salutations,

Queen Mother Roxanne here, but please feel to call me Roxie...all my subjects do. Today was quite a delightful and invigorating luncheon and stroll with some quite lovely ladies from the "Who's New in Madison" organization. They held a walk in support of two of my youngest babies, Sonny and Maddi. Also in attendence was my son Slick and old friend, Dale.

Typically I leave these excursions into my realm to my children, but being such a wonderful day, I decided to join them. I'm working on my figure after giving birth and hoping to get back to a perfect size 2 prior to the holidays, so it was perfect timing for me. I even allowed several of the group to hold my leash, but being such a refined lady I scarcely needed one. I was in my element, mingling with my subjects and engaging in small talk and kisses.

Ahh, what a glorious day for an outing. I feel wonderful.

Well Ta Ta Everyone,

Queen Mother

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