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October 11, 2009



Well fellow pups, I was going to tell you about our day at Mounds but Neva is being a typical little sister. Me Me Me, my turn to type on the 'puter, me, my turn...so I guess I'll let her finish.


Arffy yip,

Me n Slick gotted to go to a big dog food place today, but first he said we had to discuss things about how to act when we got there so I listened very closely this morning.

When we got there (we picked up Nikki and Reggie on the way) we got some tables and chairs and I almost got to lay down but everybody inna store all said "Ohhh, a puppy" and came over to pet me.

It was fun for a while, pet, kiss, lick, bounce, run, see other dogs walk by and then crash - I just had to sleep and sleep and sleep.

Then I finally woke up and Slick reminded me about "pace myself" and save energy. And all the time I just thought Slick was being lazy, but he is my big brother so I listened to him and we watched all the people walk by while we pretended to be asleep...cool huh??


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